B​.​F​.​E​.​24 – UMBERTO “Prophecy of the black widow” LP (Sold Out)

B.F.E 24 – 300 copies
13 euros  (Sold Out)

“… Matt Hill presents his sophomore Umberto album. It follows on from the Giallo soundtrack style he brilliantly aped on ‘From The Grave…’ deeper into the bowels of the early ’80s sound, leering creepily at John Carpenter and the more bewitching ends of Italo disco and new wavey bits. Many have tried this sound – step forward Zombi, Gatekeeper, Francesco Clemente, Anton Maiovvi – but far fewer have achieved it with as much grain and VHS-warped eeriness as this. It feels more like James Ferraro has locked onto a killer Giallo collection in his dream dungeon and authentically immersed himself in their soundtracks, recreating their mood, tension and gothic mise-en-scene with scary accuracy, from the witch disco of ‘The Psychic’ and ‘Night Stalking’ to the Eurozone emotions of ‘Red Dawn’ and the Goblin-esque ‘Widow Of The Web’, all the while keeping a sly sliver of knowing cheekiness tucked in the top pocket. By the time you reach the ascending end-title arpeggiations of ‘Everything Is Going To Be Okay’ it’s time for another oversized pizza and 10 gallon bottle of cola. Sick record … Highly Recommended!” Boomkat