These are 2 records Im working in

“Leading Stolen Horses” Lp

Re-issue from this post punk classic! I

Due to a misunderstanding this record is delayed until October. Onderstroom records and BFE will be releasing it in few months. I´m going to get in touch with all the people who pre-ordered it now. More info soon!

“One of the best shows I went to in San Francisco during 1984 was the Glorious Din & Trial gig. This show really changed my life & made realize that I had to follow my dreams. Both of these bands were local bands, but they had created this killer post-punk sound that could hold its’ own with any band from anywhere. Around this time, Glorious Din released their classic album Leading Stolen Horses. This album is a post-punk gem that many people have never heard – trust me, after one listen you will be hooked. Every song on Leading Stolen Horses will touch your spirit in some way. I can’t front, their singer Eric Cope could be compared to Ian Curtis, but honestly to me he had his own twisted vocal delivery. Glorious Din songs had these rad tribal drums that cascaded around your skull & then waltzed with your brain cells. What’s strange is that when I was younger, I believed this album gave me intelligence – with each listen, I learned more about my being.The guitar licks on this album are catchy & eternal, which puts you in a transcendental state. Their song Cello Tape shows that band was on a plane of their own. Search out this rad band Glorious Din & allow them to paint your world grey!” Cvlt Nation

“How a boy from the Sri Lankan jungle formed the greatest punk band you’ve never heard”


SARIN – Psychic Stress Lp (Re-recorded with new synths and including some remixes. To be out in September, don´t order yet please)

“The Iranian born artist, raised in Canada and currently residing in Berlin, brings efficiency to an extreme. Relying on a very minimal setup and stripping his EBM- and Techno-influenced sound down to its absolute necessities, Current Conflict doesn’t want you to reflect on it too much—it’s out to smash dancefloors worldwide.
Four-to-the-floor beats, synth basses echoing the influence of Front Line Assembly and their contemporaries from the US and Canada, and the overall influence of New Beat is undeniable. The frequently used pitched down vocal samples make Sarin’s effort sound charmingly nostalgic, yet top-notch in terms of durability, and Spine—we exclusively premiere the video, created by Emad himself—even stood the Berghain test already.”

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