B.F.E.59 – LAUGHING HANDS “Dog Photos” LP (Sold Out)

500 copies (Sold Out)

Laughing Hands worked in the experimental music scene in Melbourne in the very early 1980s. They were an improvisation group using tapes, synthesisers, guitar and hand percussion much of which was then treated through the synthesisers, producing their soft, insistent and rhythmic sound. “Dog Photos” was originally releasedin 1981 by band´s own label Adhesive records.

The sounds in these 11 pieces are a combination of direct to tape & cassette to tape recordings, a perfect mix of electronic tape explorations, spectral synths shadings and foreground rhythm abstractions.

For fans of Chris & Cosey, Dome, Cabaret Voltaire, Coil

Engineered by David Chesworth.
Remastered at Plataforma Continental by José Guerrero.
Released under exclusively license by B.F.E records 2020

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