B​.​F​.​E​.​27 – PUFF 7″ (Sold Out)

B.F.E 27 – 300 copies
6 euros / Sold Out

Songs 1 to 5 were released on the P.U.F.F/ Eastie Ro!s split 10″, recorded by Brezel Göring Rauchhaus in 2012 and released by Verboten In Deutschland (sold out)
Song 6 was recorded at the same time, and released for this special reissue co-edited by Mongolic Records and Burka For Everybody.
Ressume – Berlin – synth punk – Residents -Von Lmo – Inner city Unit
“This single by Puff, now released by Burka for Everybody, is breathtaking. This Berlin-based synthpunk cell rocks hard, leaving aside sound texture and other trifles. Inside their time vortex, the listener will find Back From the Grave wired with Ralph Records, both high on amphetamines in order to perform this time-warping leap in no time until losing the linear sense of narative, but nonetheless still keeping the rhythm and partying so wildly that it will blow your head off.” Elvis Von Doom

Limited edition of 300 copies. Green vinyl

“I’ve been wanting to write up this self-titled PUFF! artifact for what seems like at least a year, as a track or two from this bad boy were sent out way back in 2014. Now that it’s finally out, officially, and not enough people have paid attention, I’m ready to throw my hat in the ring for these space cadets. Not that I have much to report; other than two 7-inch releases, this and a three-track stunner on Las Vegas’ garage stable Slovenly Recordings, PUFF! don’t exist. But they’ve already left a mini-legacy because their motif is at once unique and claustrophobic, obsessively frightened of sounding like anything else, ever. “Durchtrainierte Ziftenkorper” must be considered the centerpiece because it’s slotted at no. 3 with two tracks on either side, it was the lead promo single for the record, and it’s the best cut I’ve heard in years. From its twinky synths to its garden-gargoyle vocals, “Ziftenkorper” is a stylish snippet of future-punk you’ll never forget, like hearing The Screamers for the first time. From there take your pick; either of the remaining tracks will take you from the punk pedigree of Can Can Heads to the absurdity of Les Georges Leningrad in a few moves, so sleek and stylish it’s tempting to predict an early exit for PUFF!, as such combustible clouds of talent rarely hold together. Let’s hope they don’t go up in smoke so quickly.” Consequence of Sound review



Los temas del 1 al 5 fueron editados en el 10″ compartido con Eastie Ro!s, grabado por Brezel Göring en Rauchhaus en 2012 y editado en Verboten In Deutschland (disco agotado ya).
El 6º tema fue grabado en la misma sesión y aparece en esta reedición especial hecha por Mongolic records y Burka For Everybody.
Un resumen – Berlin – synth punk – Residents – Von Lmo -Inner city Unit

“Puff han grabado un single que deja sin aliento. La célula synthpunk de Berlin le da duro y deja de lado la materialización de texturas y demás zarandajas. En su vórtice histórico se recablean los Back From The Grave con Ralph Records atizándose anfetaminas para realizar ese salto temporal de forma cada vez más rápida. Y así, hasta perder el sentido lineal de la narrativa que no el ritmo ni el desparrame turgente con el que te azotaran el cabolo. ” Elvis Von Doom

Edición limitada de 300 copias. Vinilo verde