German vocalist & Amsterdam-based artist Sophie Du Palais presents debut solo EP ‘Endurance of Pain is the Power of Being’

‘Endurance of Pain is the Power of Being’ is the debut solo EP by German vocalist & Amsterdam-based artist Sophie Hütten aka Sophie Du Palais, following highly rated collaborative appearances on Pinkman Records and Dekmantel Recordings alongside Dutch DJ, producer & close collaborator Job Veerman aka Identified Patient.

With the cruising techno pop menace of ‘Slow Steady Cum’, Du Palais introduces a nocturnal underworld. The descent is intensified by the mania and murk of ‘Disco to Disco’ – a suspenseful dose of guttural low end, scowling Sprechgesang, and crude drum machine clatter; if Gudrun Gut fronted Suicide. Then ‘Boys Tears’ elaborates on the dread and the sleaze with a horror show of gurgling synthesis, drubbing percussion and dissolute enunciations, halfway between John Carpenter and Unit Moebius.

‘Endurance of Pain…’ finds Sophie Du Palais seizing an uncompromising sense of style and intensity, an emergent new artist navigating a merciless, pleasure-seeking existence, from club to bedroom to screen, facing it all down with a cold glare, ready to light the fuse.

‘Endurance of Pain is the Power of Being’ is out on limited edition vinyl and digital formats on July 15th via B.F.E. Records.

Abstrakce announces vinyl edition of ‘Eighteen Movements’ – a collection of meditative live recordings by Parisian artist D.K. (L.I.E.S., Music From Memory, Antinote)

Limited Edition Vinyl – Out 15th July on Abstrakce Records

‘Eighteen Movements’ is a collection of recordings captured at live performances between 2017 – 2019, now brought to vinyl for the first time by Valencia-based label Abstrakce Records.

On a meditative outing of rich textures, ambient soundscapes, tribal rhythms, field recordings, and ritualistic atmospheres, Parisian artist D.K. is engaged in full flight mode, illustrating the project’s aptitude for deep transcendence.

From the outset, D.K. heads for remote zones of oscillation and reverie. Prismatic tones exchange space with devotional drums on ‘Clarity’ and ‘Echo Chamber’, as D.K. hits a hypnotic stride somewhere between Jon Hassell, HTRK & a Folkways percussion ensemble. With ‘Full Consciousness’ meditation bells ring out across a progression of gleaming new age emanations, conjuring an entrancing spell. Movements of pulse and ether. On ‘Mirror’, sonorous, elaborate percussive phrases are interwoven with drifting ambient vapours, while ‘The Other Side’ veers into broad, rolling blasts of dub and Antipodean drone, a cavernous trance evoking the early roots of Ras Michael and Yabby You, pared back to resolute drum sequences and infused with esoteric chimes and sultry synthesis. The finale of ‘Eighteen Movements’ represents one of D.K.’s most ambitious recordings. ‘Awakening’ is an epic tone poem of aqueous, outer planetary resonance that completes this mercurial cycle with a poignant, euphoric fadeout.

D.K. (aka Dang-Khoa Chau) is a DJ, composer & producer based in Paris, France. A versatile and prolific artist, D.K. has cultivated an eclectic body of work in recent years, with acclaimed output on renowned labels including Antinote, Melody As Truth, 12th Isle, Good Morning Tapes, Music From Memory’s Second Circle imprint, and L.I.E.S. (as 45 ACP).

Luminous and mesmeric, D.K.’s work combines finetuned traces of house, synth pop, ambient, balearic, minimalism, and fourth world music, creating energies and soundscapes which aim to invoke elevated forms of consciousness.

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