B.F.E.57 – DAME AREA “La Soluzione É Una” 12″ (Sold Out)

B.F.E.57 – DAME AREA “La Soluzione É Una” 12″
300 copies (Sold Out)

6 new songs by industrial tribalism / minimal wave duo DAME AREA.

B.F.E057 / MR 024

Limited 1st edition of 300 black vinyl co-released by Màgia Roja and BFE records.

“The Barcelona’s duo explore their more industrial (as in early industrial, not industrial noise) and minimal synth facets. Tribal elements are kept to just a couple of tracks. Metallic percussion, throbbing synths and arpeggios living together under the same roof. This release has it all: rhythm, experimentation and melody.
FFO: Throbbing Gristle, Diseño Corbusier, Chris and Cosey, Liasons Dangerouses, Einstürzende Neubauten, Soft Moon, Cabaret Voltaire, Essaie Pas, DAF

“Inspired by Coil, Suicide, Franco Battiato, Gary Numan and Dino Buzzati. DameArea surges from Barcelona’s fertile underground scene and revisits thepostindustrial aesthetic with a dissident and a free spirit approach through tribal rythms, hypnotic keyboards, oniric sounds and eerie vocals.
When Silvia Konstance came back from a year living in Turkey and integrated on Barcelona´s label and collective Magia Roja she didnt expect that her bedroomproject Dame Area would be joined by the collective honcho Viktor L.Crux (aka Futuro de Hierro, ex-Qaa, ex-Ordre Etern, collaborator of Nurse With Wound,Jochen Arbeit and various Gnodheads ) and together would be releasing records not much later. Now Dame Area has released several records and found it’s way into sets from some of the current bravest Djs like Vladimir Ivkovic, LenaWillikens, Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms), Identified Patient, Rivet or Mr TC, between many others.”