ABST 036 – HARI SIMA & MÍNIM “Fluvius” LP

Contemporary ambient, full of hypnotic sequences and organic developments, with meticulous and evocative arrangements. A myriad of textures and elegant details improve the album with each new listen. Eight exotic tracks sail through eight rivers which are crucial for the birth and development of great peoples and cultures around the globe. An excellent work that will hook fans of Bitchin Bajas, Fitoussi, Cortini, or the most ambient Dozzy…

Fluvius is a conceptual album about water and its importance, in the form of rivers, in the birth and development of great civilizations throughout history. Civilizations that have worshiped water as a source of life to respect, care for, venerate, and fear.
A work that probably surpasses everything that these two usual suspects of the label have previously produced – Hari Sima released “Fluido Tiempo” on Abstrakce and Mínim is a member of Mecánica Clásica -.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri. Special limited edition of 250 copies, with die-cut kraft cardboard cover printed in white, and printed inner folder.