ABST 035 – CRISTOV “Defragmentierte Assoziationen” LP

Abstracke presents Cristov’s debut LP. The Hamburg-based artist and designer Christoph Lohse delivers an amazing record inspired by technology and dystopia. German futuristic electronics, mechanical synths, primal rhythms… a cold, sometimes industrial sound, balanced with the jazzy acoustic drums and percussions performed by Manuel Chittka.
Influenced by Ike Yard, Craig Leon, Monoton, and the German kraut maestros renewed by people like Kreidler, Die Wilde Jagd, Tolouse Low Trax…

Mastered by Rude 66. Artwork by French artist Paul Loubetpaulloubet.com

Packed in black thick sleeves with a special sticker: experimental offset printing in black and a special silver ink printed twice on fluorescent red paper.

Super limited edition, only 200 copies!!! No repress.